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~Jason L.

While all diamonds are precious, those possessing the best combination of cut, clarity, carat weight and color – are the earth’s rarest, most valuable and beautiful to the eye. In the industry, we call these the “Four C’s” to consider when purchasing a diamond.


Carat: The larger the diamond, the more rare and desirable because it shows off the stone’s brilliance to the best advantage. Diamond size is measured in carat weight with each carat equaling 100 points.


Clarity: The better the clarity, the more rare and brilliant the diamond will appear. All natural diamonds contain identifying characteristics, yet many are invisible to the naked eye. The stones are graded according to the size of the inclusions and flawless grading means no natural markings, such as tiny crystals or feathers, can be seen under magnification.


Color: The whiter a diamond, the rarer it is. While most diamonds appear white, virtually all display perceptible tints of color. Grading a diamond’s color is done by measuring how close it is to colorlessness.


Cut: The better the cut, the more brilliant the diamond is. A well cut or faceted diamond, regardless of the shape, scintillates with fire and light – providing the greatest brilliance and value. While nature determines a diamond’s clarity, carat weight and color, the hand of a master craftsman is necessary to release the fire, sparkle and beauty.